Hello…this is Srabani from Kolkata. I hold a B.Tech (Year-2006) in Computer Science and professionally associated to IBM India Pvt Ltd in Kolkata itself. Have around total 5 years of IT experience including my tenures in organizations like CSC India Pvt Ltd and Wipro Technologies both in Hyderabad.

So, apart from the professional front, I truly feel it is not much feasible to describe oneself just within the boundary of few words. Every person has their own set of different shades in their nature, their likings, dislikings, talents, interests, emotions and all other good as well as ‘not so good’ things…which is something worth exploring through personal interaction rather than just putting down in words…words are just not enough :)

However, still I would like to say a very few things which can probably build a very preliminary structure of my personality for the visitors of this page.

From the ‘good’ side…I consider myself as a very simple girl, soft-natured, friendly, compassionate…luv to love and be loved by my dear ones…like to accept people as they originally are…hate hypocrisy and back biting to the core…although simplicity, honesty, compassion, love or trusting people all these are almost synonymous to stupidity in this real world, still I feel it is good for such stupid people to remain the same as they are!!!…Coz it is always good to be the change that one would like to see in the world!!!

From the ‘not so good’ side…sometimes I become too much impatient and insecure to handle tough situations, can be awfully rude at times, not very good at ‘forgive and forget’…working out hard to get rid off all the above ‘not so good’ things :)

Very much passionate about cultural activities…wish I could take singing or dance as a career option instead of IT. Still the choice is open and would love to avail such opportunities if at all encountered in my way…there is no harm in having own dreams and aspirations right? …and I feel it is never too late :)

What else to write on myself? Words are falling short as expected, and of course still am on the process of exploring myself I guess.

Ok…so I won’t like to bore the visitors of this page any more. But last and not the least, few more things to share. I would like to convey my heartiest gratitude to¬†‘ :) ‘ for showing interest on showcasing my passions through this project which I feel is pretty close to her heart. Thank you dear for giving me this honour and I would always be happy to help you as and when required. :)

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